Amorphophallus konjac

Family Araceae
Scientific name Amorphophallus konjac K. Koch ex Matsumura & Hayata
Synonyms Amorphophallus rivieri Durieu ex Carrière; Amorphophallus rivieri Durieu ex Carrière var. konjac (K. Koch) Engler
Common name (English common name) devil's-tongue, elephant-yam
(Japanese common name) konjac
Distribution China, Vietnam
Reference Amorphophallus konjac K. Koch
Method of selective separation of konjac flour from the tubers of Amorphophallus konjac (US Patent 3767424/1973)
Method of reducing serum cholesterol level with extract of konjac mannan (US Patent 3856945/1974)
Konjac mannan (US Patent 3928322/1975)
Process for manufacture of fast cooking rice (US Patent 4101683/1978)
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Air or oil emulsion food product having glucomannas as sole stabilizer-thickener (US Patent 4582714/1986)
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Glucomannan/polyhydric alcohol composition and film prepared therefrom (US Patent 4851394/1989)
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Rind-free sugarcane flour and method for making flour (US Patent 5122380/1992)
Flour, bread, milk, and other products from white sweet potatoes cassava, edible aroids, amaranth, yams, and lotus (US Patent 5244689/1993)
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Composition and process for gelatin-free soft capsules (US Patent 5342626/1994)
Process for producing dietary fibrous food (US Patent 5449526/1995)
Manufacturing of acridity-free raw flour from Araceae tubers (US Patent 5464646/1995)
Process for preparing baked food products having little or no fat using an oat component as a fat replacement (US Patent 5554402/1996)
Coprocessed galactomannan-glucomannan (US Patent 5498436/1996)
Rapidly hydratable konjac flour (US Patent 5536521/1996)
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Method of preparing a food product encased in a glucomannan film (US Patent 5695800/1997)
Wound covering materials (US Patent 5722942/1998)
Rapidly hydratable konjac flour (US Patent 5733593/1998)
PCR primers for detection and identification of plant pathogenic species, subspecies, and strains of acidovorax (US Patent 6423499/2000)
Clarified konjac glucomannan (US Patent 6162906/2000)
Recreational fishing lure (US Patent 6174525/2001)
Herbal weight loss supplement (US Patent 6428806/2001)
Cultured plant cell gums for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications (US Patent 6350594/2002)
Nutritional supplement for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus for lipodystrophy (US Patent 6365176/2002)
Clarified hydrocolloids of undiminished properties and method of producing same (US Patent 6586590/2003)
Nutritional supplement for the management of stress (US Patent 6743770/2004)
Emulsification systems and emulsions (US Patent 6831107/2004)
Liquid cleansing composition having simultaneous exfoliating and moisturizing properties (US Patent 6924256/2005)
Insulin secretion promoter (US Patent 6946451/2005)
Process for addition of a nutraceutical to a beverage (US Patent 6855358/2005)
Physiologically functional foods or cosmetics containing sphingoglycolipids and processes for their production (US Patent 6896896/2005)
Pre-formed objects (US Patent 7037570/2006)
Multi-stage thickening composition for use with packaged food items and process for using same (US Patent 7037545/2006)
Polysaccharide based gel (US Patent 7208480/2007)
Konjac-mannan and ginseng compositions and methods and uses thereof (US Patent 7326404/2008)

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