Persea americana

Family Lauraceae
Scientific name Persea americana Miller
Synonyms Laurus persea L.; Persea americana Miller var. angustifolia Miranda; Persea americana Miller var. drymifolia (Schlechtendal & Chamisso) S. F. Blake; Persea americana Miller var. leiogyna (S. F. Blake) Kelsey & Dayton; Persea americana Miller var. nubigena (L. O. Williams) L. E. Kopp; Persea drymifolia Schlechtendal & Chamisso; Persea edulis Rafinesque; Persea floccosa Mez; Persea gigantea L. O. Williams; Persea gratissima C. F. Gaertner; Persea gratissima C. F. Gaertner var. drymifolia (Schlechtendal & Chamisso) Mez; Persea gratissima C. F. Gaertner var. macrophylla Meisner; Persea gratissima C. F. Gaertner var. oblonga Meisner; Persea gratissima C. F. Gaertner var. praecox Nees von Esenbeck; Persea gratissima C. F. Gaertner var. vulgaris Meisner; Persea leiogyna S. F. Blake; Persea macrocarpa Rafinesque; Persea nubigena L. O. Williams; Persea paucitriplinervia Lundell; Persea persea (L.) Cockerell; Persea steyermarkii C. K. Allen
Common name (English common name) avocado, alligator pear
(Japanese common name) wani-nashi [alligator pear], Avogado
Distribution Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
Reference Persea americana Mill.
Persea americana Mill.
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March 2007
at Ibaraki Prefecture Flower Park
March 2007
at Ibaraki Prefecture Flower Park
March 2007
at Ibaraki Prefecture Flower Park