Musa acuminata

Family Musaceae
Scientific name Musa acuminata L. A. Colla
Synonyms Musa cavendishii Lambert ex Paxton; Musa chinensis Sweet; Musa chiliocarpa C. A. B. Backer; Musa consociata Nakai; Musa corniculata Loureiro; Musa humilis G. (G. G.) Perrottet; Musa megalocarpa Nakai; Musa microcarpa O. Beccari; Musa minor Nakai; Musa mirabilis Nakai; Musa nana auct., non Loureiro; Musa prematura Nakai; Musa rhinocerotis Kurz; Musa sapientum L.; Musa simiarum Kurz; Musa simiarum Rumphius; Musa sinensis Sagot ex Baker; Musa sumatrana O. Beccari; Musa truncata Ridley; Musa zebrina Van Houtte ex Planchon
Common name (English common name) banana, Cavendish banana, Chinese banana, dwarf banana, edible banana
(Japanese common name) banana
Distribution China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania
Reference Musa acuminata Colla
Musa acuminata Colla
Musa acuminata
Musa nana
Genetic Diversity in Musa acuminata Colla and Musa balbisiana Colla and some of their natural hybrids using AFLP Markers
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Note Photos below are those of Musa acuminata cv. Dwarf Cavendish.

January 2008
at Ibaraki Prefecture Botanical Garden
January 2008
at Ibaraki Prefecture
Botanical Garden
January 2008
at Ibaraki Prefecture
Botanical Garden

January 2008
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden
January 2008
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden
January 2008
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden