Fuchsia paniculata

Family Onagraceae
Subamily Onagroideae
Tribe Circaeeae
Scientific name Fuchsia paniculata Lindley
Synonyms none
Common name (English common name) shrubby fuchsia
(Japanese common name) none
Distribution Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama
Reference Fuchsia paniculata Lindl.
Hydroxamic acid esters and plant growth regulation therewith (US Patent 5228899/1993)
Plant growth regulator containing a phthalimide derivative (US Patent 5346879/1994)
Plant extracts and dermatological uses thereof (US Patent 20070122492)

April 2008
at Royal Botanic Garden, Kew
January 2008
at Hiroshima Botanical Garden
January 2008
at Hiroshima Botanical Garden