Piper nigrum

Family Piperaceae
Scientific name Piper nigrum L.
Synonyms none
Common name (English common name) black pepper, pepper, white pepper
(Japanese common name) kosho (コショウ, 胡椒)
Distribution India
Reference  Piper nigrum L.
Piper nigrum L.
Piper nigrum Linnaeus
Dentifrice (US Patent 4374824/1983)
Process and preparation for deactivating viruses (US Patent 4402950/1983)
Protection of microorganisms against bacteriophage virus attacks (US Patent 4409245/1983)
Preparation for deactivating viruses and process for producing same (US Patent 4592910/1986)
Appetite suppressant composition and method relating thereto (US Patent 5273754/1993)
Use of piperine to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds (US Patent 5536506/1996)
Herbal compositions (US Patent 5693327/1997)
Piper nigrum and acetic acid lachrymator (US Patent 5698180/1997)
Incapacitating composition and a device for its use (US Patent 5821450/1998)
Natural heat stable flavorings for bakery applications (US Patent 5902622/1999)
Fluidized fat (US Patent 5958499/1999)
Therapeutic uses of pungent botanicals and their related compounds (US Patent 6063381/2000)
Pharmaceutical compositions containing at least one NSAID having increased bioavailability (US Patent 6017932/2000)
Animal repellant containing oils of black pepper and/or capsicum (US Patent 6159474/2000)
Herbal and pharmaceutical drugs enhanced with probiotics (US Patent 6080401/2000)
Dietary supplement for nutritionally promoting healthy joint function (US Patent 6224871/2001)
Isolation and bacterial expression of a sesquiterpene synthase cDNA clone from peppermint (mentha x piperita, L.) that produces the aphid alarm pheromone (E)-β-farnesene (US Patent 6258602/2001)
Formulation useful as a natural herbal tooth powder (US Patent 6264926/2001)
Compositions for rapid and non-irritating transdermal delivery of pharmaceutically active agents and methods for formulating such compositions and delivery thereof (US Patent 6444234/2002)
Process for extraction of piperine from piper species (US Patent 6365601/2002)
Multicomponent biological vehicle (US Patent 6395311/2002)
Memory loss treatment formulation (US Patent 6572899/2003)
Insulin sensitivity maintenance and blood sugar level maintenance formulation for the prevention and treatment of diabetes (US Patent 6572897/2003)
Alkaloid that inhibits biosynthesis of microtoxins and method for screening for mycotoxin inhibitors (US Patent 6825216/2004)
Treatment of skin conditions (US Patent 6680391/2004)
Laetispicine and laetispicine analogues, methods of use and preparation (US Patent 6858648/2005)
Composition for treating gastric ulcer and a process for preparing the same (US Patent 6855347/2005)
Herbal composition for treating or alleviating vascular headaches, neurological conditions and neurodegenerative diseases (US Patent 7070817/2006)
Bioavailability / bioefficacy enhancing activity of Cuminum cyminum and extracts and fractions thereof (US Patent 7070814/2006)
α-Glucosidase inhibitors from a natural source (US Patent 7081260/2006)
Method for detecting target plant genus (US Patent 7144702/2006)
Methods and apparatus to prevent colds, influenzaes, tuberculosis and opportunistic infections of the human respiratory system (US Patent 7150888/2006)
Powder for preparation of a probiotic yogurt food (US Patent 7172777/2007)
Methods and apparatus to prevent, treat, and cure the symptoms of nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments of human cancers (US Patent 7344740/2008)
Anti-allergy composition and related method (US Patent 7384656/2008)
Anti-cigarette herbal formulation as an antidote to tobacco (US Patent 7534454/2009)
Production of cis-pellitorin and use as a flavouring (US Patent 7482479/2009)

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May 2009
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May 2009
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