Tacca plantaginea

Family Taccaceae
Scientific name Tacca plantaginea (Hance) Drenth
Synonyms Schizocapsa plantaginea Hance
Common name (English common name) tacca
(Japanese common name) none
Distribution China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand
Reference Tacca plantaginea (Hance) Drenth
Schizocapsa plantaginea Hance
Use of tropical root crops in effective intervention strategies for treating difficult and complex cases and chronic diseases (US Patent 6632461/2003)
Heavy metal phytoremediation (US Patent 6576816/2003)
Trace element phytoremediation (US Patent 6974896/2005)
Taccalonolide microtubule stabilizing agents (US Patent 6878699/2005)
Process for isolation of withaferin-A from plant materials and products therefrom (US Patent 7108870/2006)
Heavy metal phytoremediation (US Patent 7034202/2006)
A process for the manufacture of a herbal composition comprising a matrine (WIPO Patent WO/2002/067955)
Plant extract having matrix metalloprotease inhibiting activity and dermatological uses thereof (WIPO Patent WO/2006/053415)
Bio-derived 1,3-propanediol and its conjugate esters as natural and non irritating solvents (WIPO Patent WO/2007/095262)

June 2007
at Kyoto Botanical Garden
June 2007
at Kyoto Botanical Garden
June 2007
at Kyoto Botanical Garden